Quadrant After Hours Networking

Every month the PGIB chooses a different location in one of Calgary's 4 Quadrants and hosts a networking event at one of our supporters locations.

These events are like taking a drink through a firehouse and you are guaranteed to make new contacts and meet everyone in attendance.

This networking session employs our famous Business Switch which guarantees you will walk out of the event with the contact information of everyone in the room.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert the PGIB business switch will get you the connections you need. The Business Switch - Unlike other networking events where you walk into a full event and leave without contacts, we guarantee you will several qualified contacts.

Our President Sid Helishauer every 25 minutes quiets the room down an herds the attendees into the middle of the room. Everyone will be asked to ready their business cards and approach someone they do not know. Then all are instructed to to give their 30 second infomercial about who they are, what their business is and what leads they are looking for.

You are guaranteed to make new contacts and almost everyone walks out with new business.

To attend our next event please fill out the following form and a PGIB Representative will contact you.