Bi-weekly Lunches

Join the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB Inc) for our Business Networking Lunch on Tuesdays.

Come and make contacts, expand your business, drive policy and eat lunch (you need to eat anyways).

This is a great way to give your business a boost!

DATE: Every other Tuesday
TIME: 11:45 PM - 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Winston Golf Club, 2502 6th Street NE
COST: $39.90 (Includes Lunch & Power Networking)
SPEAKER: Speakers vary from member presenters to outside business and political speakers
: Please email or call 403-720-2143

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT? - Bring plenty of business cards that will be distributed to all in the room. Be prepared to stand up at your seat and give a 30 - 60 second infomercial of who you are, what your business is and what kind of lead you are looking for (the more specific you are, the better). Enjoy the buffet (which has all types of eaters satisfied). Enjoy a great speaker discussing current business and / or political events. After the speaker be prepared to get solid business leads from those in the room and stick around if you wish to chat and learn more.

Although this is only a one hour meeting many have said attendance at these meetings is like "taking a drink of water through a fire hose" because it is jam packed with great business networking and information on business success as well as actually resulting in business and political change!

Please email or call 403-720-2143

Here are seven reasons why to join the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB Inc):

  1. We Are conservative Business Owners Doing Business With conservatives: PGIB is a Non Partisan small 'c' conservative business and taxpayer organization. Our members vary from members of the federal Conservative Party of Canada, New Federation Party, People Party of Canada, Libertarian Party, Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, Saskatchewan Party, WEXIT Party, Christian Heritage Party, Alberta Independence Party and the United Conservative Party (our favourite). If you vote Liberal or NDP, you are not welcome at our events. But, if you are apathetic you are still saveable!   By dealing with people in the PGIB you know you are dealing with those that share your same values of less government, lower taxes and political accountability.
  2. It's The Relationship, Not The Price: When business is not expanding, everyone will be trying to steal your customers with a lower price. Your best strategy and biggest opportunity is to build relationships. At the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB Inc) we help you build your business and give you ideas you can use to profit.
  3. You Will Need To Guard Your Customers: Others will be eyeing your customers like a hungry tiger ready to hunt fresh prey. Now is the time to invest in relationships that can only come through relationship networking. The PGIB is the answer.
  4. Everyone Else Will Be Scrambling Too, And May Not Have Time For Propaganda: People do not need another one of your brochures or product sheets. They would rather have leads and the PGIB will make those leads happen.
  5. We Will Make You A Winner, Not A Whiner!: We all know people who whine and constantly blame others for why their business is not doing well. Things are going to get tougher, before they get better here in Alberta. The good news is people will still be buying during this period of time. They just won't be buying as much. Sales will go to the prepared. The PGIB will make you a winner.
  6. We Are An Investment NOT an Expense: Now is the time to guard your assets. You can build a fortress of relationships and strategic alliances to ensure business success. A membership in the PGIB is an investment and can be written off entirely.
  7. Massive Sales Force: The PGIB meetings are like meetings with your very own sales force. Our meetings constantly remind those you have now created relationships with, what you need and they provide you with qualified leads.

Call 403-720-2143